RNG EKO Green RNG-2001 Car Vacuum Cleaner Review | June 2024

RNG EKO Green RNG-2001 Car Vacuum Cleaner Review. 

Cars are a common part of our lifestyles today. Both a middle class and a higher-class lifestyle, cars have become a mode of necessity and comfort as well. This high usage of cars has made it essential to use the products made for the safety and maintenance of the cars. It is rightly said that buying things is easy but not maintaining them.
The more common the cars are, the more fragile is their maintenance. One of those important tools for maintenance is the car vacuum cleanerRNG EKO Green vacuum cleaner is one of the best car vacuum cleaners.

Let’s look at the various features of the RNG EKO Green Car vacuum cleaner


Features of RNG EKO Green Car Vacuum Cleaner

Coming to reviewing each feature of the car vacuum cleaner, these features may turn into advantages and disadvantages to you according to your preferences. Look at the review points closely to know how to use car vacuum cleaners at home and about the best vacuum cleaner for car in India.

1- Suction Force – 

The suction force of the vacuum cleaner is 7.9 KPA while the other products are of 4-5 KPA. This makes it the most powerful 12V DC Car vacuum cleaner. This is the most important feature one finds in a vacuum cleaner. 

2- Dynamic Power – 

This refers to the amount of energy created by the operating system of the product. Sometimes, when the dynamic power is unstable, it causes the loss of the suction. However, the dynamic power of this vacuum cleaner is 200 watts. This helps in preventing the suction loss of the cleaner. 

3- Filtration System – 

There is a dual filtration system in this car vacuum cleaner including Stainless steel HEPA filter and mesh filter. The combination of these two filters works very effectively and increases the filtration life up to 5 times of the other filters. These filters are also easily washable and removable. 

4- LED Light – 

There is also the advantage of the existence of a LED light which helps in the usage of the car vacuum cleaner in the night or the darkness. It is a source of good help in the process of cleaning. 

5- Application – 

The vacuum cleaner is used to absorb both the dry and wet dirt like dust as well as water spillage. Apart from this, the vacuum cleaner applies to both big and small-sized cars. This car vacuum cleaner price is not too expensive.

 6- Wire –

 In every vacuum cleaner, there’s a wire which helps to reach a distance for cleaning purposes. The wire in this product is 5m long which helps to reach every corner of the car including the front engine seat to the car dicky. 

7- Extensions –

These extensions include extension mouth, extension tube, and brush connectors. These connectors help in removing the dust particles away from the corners which are generally unreachable. 

8- Spare Fuse – 

There is also an additional spare fuse wire which helps when if the fuse wire is burned and as a savage in emergency cases. 

9- Storage Bag –

The storage bag is mostly used to keep all the accessories and vacuum cleaning materials in an organized way. This might seem like a small feature or benefit but there are good uses of the storage bag. 

10- Technical Details- 

The motor of this product is big and the metallic fan help to generate higher torque and suction force. There is low noise of just 72db which is lower as compared to other motors. And this vacuum cleaner consumes 12 volts.

How to use RNG EKO Car Vacuum Cleaner ?


The following steps are to be followed to use the RNG EKO Car Vacuum cleaner –

1- Plug in the device to the cigarette lighter socket of the car.

2- On the button to start the device and cleaning.

3- Put on the extension mouth and tube where the hands are unreachable.

4- Use the brush connector to rub the foot mat to remove all the dust.

5- Then take out the dust cap and clean the filters.

With an overview of these pros and cons, this could be the best vacuum cleaner for the car. Most of the features fall on an advantageous side bearing a good rating bar as proof. So, you can rate it as the best car vacuum cleaner India looking at the price and the benefits.

For reference, there are other good products too like the Bergmann car vacuum cleaner, Bergmann supersonic car vacuum cleaner, and Eureka Forbes car vacuum cleaner which you can check out apart from the RNG EKO Green Car Vacuum Cleaner.

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